Would you date someone from your voluntary charity work?

So it's not your paid day job but you spend a bit of your free time working voluntarily for the charity, who relies 90% on volunteers.

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  • That's a good way to meet people, actually. One of the things I normally suggest to people who have just mived to a new city.

    • But is it a good idea doing it when an organisation like a charity is involved though? Even if it is voluntary, it could create a conflict of interest.

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    • Don't you find that rather limiting? The only one I would agree with is the flatmates. Nothing good can come from that.

    • Same with work colleagues. Yes it's limiting but unfortunately, life seems to work like that.

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  • No. I date strangers exclusively.

    Social circle dating is retarded.


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  • Why in the world wouldn't you?

    • Because it's still work. Conflict of interest?

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