What qualities do you think (would) make you a good S. O?

I'm talking about you personally. What traits do you have that you think most guys/girls would like if they were your bf/gf? (example "I'm good at cooking") You can say physical things too like "I have nice eyes". And things you would do for your S. O. that they would like "I'd make him/her coffee in bed"
Don't be modest, give yourself some love! :)

Well it looks fun so I'm going to play too :P
I'm kind, honest, affectionate, open-minded, non-judgemental, I love everyone and have no "enemies", I'm almost always very calm and I never argue with anyone, I'm very clever, I'm willing to have sex every day for her despite the fact that I'm asexual, I'm an athiest, I'm adventurous, I'm great at fixing things, I love to cuddle and I'm modest when not anonymous :P


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  • • I'm very horny and sexually frustrated, I'll never deny him sex.
    • I'm affectionate as hell, I will always make sure he feels loved with cuddles and kisses.
    • I will NEVER cheat, no matter what, so that's something he won't have to worry about.
    • I don't smoke, do drugs, don't really drink much, am not a party animal.
    • I love spontaneous adventures, I'm basically up for anything any time of the day.
    • My hair smells like candy.
    • I'll love his pet or pets unconditionally.
    • He's allowed to play with my awesome boobs whenever he wishes to.
    • Sometimes I can be funny.
    • I won't like anyone else because I hate everyone.
    • I'm open-minded and nonjudgmental.
    • I don't go anywhere and I have no friends so we will always be able to hang out.
    • He'll be the hot one.

    • How do you get your hair to smell like candy?

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    • Lol if so that's the best kind there is. Really though, is there something you do to it to make it that way? I want my hair to smell like cotton candy =D

    • @lePoivre TIGI Bedhead shampoos and conditioners sure help. 😍

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  • I don't know, I have a lot of fun hobbies. I do archery, target shooting, and play the trumpet for fun.

    In decent shape, good body.

    Loyal, I'll always be there for you. Plus a deeply ingrained hatred of cheating and everyone who cheats, so that will never be a problem.

    Apparently I'm pretty funny and easygoing. I don't see this, but I stress internally so it doesn't really show. Think Chandler from Friends.


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  • This question got me thinking for like five mins.. and honestly, I have no clue, I can't seem to come up with something or anything.

    Hmm maybe I'd start with this and see if I can continue. :3

    • I'm loyal, I'd even do/sacrifice anything for the ones I truly love and care about.
    • I can cook but if he knows how to, then I'd say we take turns lol I don't fancy cooking.
    • I love cuddles?
    • I'm rather adventurous, and I love adventures, A LOT.
    • I wouldn't stop you from playing video games or whatever (just make sure you're not 24/7 playing it lol), I might even play along.
    • I don't play the 'guessing game', if I wanna let you know bout something, I'd tell you upfront and with all honesty.
    • I don't smoke nor do I do drugs.

    Imagination at its wildest now :3 am gonna stop here..

  • • High sex drive and very adventurous/kinky
    • apparently being Asian is a perk?
    • I think I look adorable and fine haha. also i have ass and DDs so there's that
    • not a party animal but love making cocktails and partying just with him and some close friends
    • I cook very very well, and being Asian, I cook a lot of that too.
    • I wouldn't stop you from gaming i'd join you. gamer girls!
    • I never pick fights, have been described as ridiculously nice.

    so basically cute kinky Asian girl who's a geek and cooks.

  • - I'm quite affectionate and have a healthy sex drive
    - I will respect his opinion and argue in a peaceful way
    - I'm an active person in the way of planning things
    - I'm an optimistic person
    - I will make him feel appreciated and comfortable around me.

  • Personally I find somebody isn't aggressive attractive. I like nerdy, nice guys. :) Somebody who can make you laugh is also great.

    • Well I'm like that ;P But the question was actually what you like about yourself

    • Ohh haha, misread it. Well I personally like how I'm sarcastic and make jokes.

  • I think my sense of humour's good, and I love a lughThis is going to sound terrible!
    I'm loyal and loving, I give everything for someone I love.
    I'm very affectionate
    I think my sense of humour is good and I love a laugh
    I don't judge on someone's past
    I'vee got a high sex drive too, lol

  • I'm African-American/Black, but I don't fall into the "ghetto" stereotype.

    I keep myself well-educated, and I'll be graduating pharmacy school 6 years from now when I'm 24. I'll be able to make $100,000 a year as a pharmacist; dating me would be a good investment.

    I put a lot of effort into how I look, and I'm also feminine. I don't plan on letting myself go after marriage.

    My parents are in thier 40s and 50s, and neither of them have wrinkles yet. I will most likely remain youthful even as I grow older.

    I'm nice, outgoing and friendly, also.

    • Cont:

      I don't smoke or do drugs.

      I'm good at grinding and can dance pretty well.

      I would never cheat on a guy.

  • I'm very loyal, caring and loving. I'd never commit to anyone that I wasn't REALLY into so if I'm with you then you know I really like you. I try my best to be diplomatic and I try to understand everyone before judging them and getting angry. I'm very open-minded and I love to experiment and try new things (I don't mean sexually, but I mean I love experiencing life and doing fun things). I just always want things to be fun and exciting. I also love to bake and cook and take care of everyone in my life (but apparently men don't like this?). I LOVE sex and I love to look sexy and do things to turn him on. I like to excite him even when he's not around me so that when we do see each other it's really passionate and hot. I work hard at my career, and I work out regularly and take care of my self and my finances and I think any guy who dates me would benefit a lot. But I'd like someone who is equally ambitious.

    However on the opposite end, I would never put up with shit from a guy. if he disrespects me or tries to take advantage of me it's over and I know that's a trait most men don't like. They want to be able to do what they want and they want a girl who will put up with that.

    Despite all this though, I find that most men like to date women who are losers. I have a lot of male friends that are close to me and 70% of them married girls who are lazy, have shitty personalities, they don't really have anything in common with them (they tell me this.. they've even admitted to settling for these girls cus they didn't want to "start over") so I think because I'm not a doormat and I have a lot to offer I'll probably be single forever...

    • "I would never put up with shit from a guy" it wouldn't be a problem if she didn't overreact but almost all girls do, which is why that becomes a bad thing as she could get angry from a tiny little thing and break up with him. And yeah if a girl is too ambitious it's usually seen as a bad thing, as he will have to be too, and because she will usually put her career before him

    • I would never put my career before a guy I actually loved and cared for.

      And when I say I don't "put up with shit" I mean like big things. Like cheating on me, going out with other girls, hitting on other girls. A lot of my guy friends have gone out with other girls, cheated on their girlfriends. I know guys who consistently text message other girls (behind their girlfriend's back) and have phone sex with other girls. and I know a lot of girls who put up with this and constantly fight with their boyfriends. I wouldnt' fight about it I would just walk away. If a guy doesn't love me enough or respect me enough to be loyal, I'm out the door. I'm not going to fight over a guy. That's what I mean by not putting up with shit. Small mistakes here and there are not a big deal.

  • . loyal
    . trustworthy
    . can cook
    . like adventurous activities
    . or just chilling when we don't have anything planned
    . i don't smoke, drink, do drugs and I'm not a party person
    . love all animals
    . I don't judge others
    . would try to join in with the vidoe games, but I warn you, I'm terrible
    . star wars and star trek are awesome!!
    . sweet and intelligent
    I've been told I'm cute, but I don't like to compare myself, so ya know...
    . I will try new things, not meats though being vegetarian an all...
    Love cuddles!!
    Hey... So I basically went through and coppied anything I could find from the other responses that matched me. I do have a lot of bad qualities for example I'm ridiculously shy, like I can't look you in the eyes shy unless I know you!! :-(

  • Well, according to my boyfriend, I'm the best girl he's ever been with because I'm always devoted to the relationship, I'm good at keeping myself level-headed when problems in it arise, I'm not crazy (yet 8D), I love and allow myself to be loved, and apparently, despite him being my first, I'm crazy awesome at sex ;) I think I make a decent girlfriend because when I'm with someone, I do everything I can to make that person happy and make them feel the love I have for them.

  • I'm loyal, honest, sweet, affectionate, and intelligent. I value those things in myself and guys I've known/dated have said they love those things about me.

  • . I love sport acrivities
    . I always like to try new stuff
    . I enjoy everything outdoor/ indoor acrivities
    . I am a good listener and always try to help
    . I am more of a rational practical person therefore not very emotional. (I try to solve the problem of the person rather than feeling sad with him or cuddle and kiss him). But lately i found myself very affectionate with the people I like.
    . I am an extremist, it s a good thing and a bad thing :p like if I do smthn or have an opinion on smthn I go to the end and if I fall for someone I fall completely ^^
    . I am horny and kinky
    . I love to travel, anywhere will do for me
    . I am open minded and try not to be judgmental by trying to put myself in the person s place
    . I am very honest and outspoken
    . I am very cool and calm but still dynamic
    . I try to expend my culture as much as I can
    . I guess I am kind and caring :p
    . Finally, I have a good body and a pretty face :D

  • I actually don't know haha I thought about this question for like 3 minutes now but I can't come up with anything that would make me a good SO... ... ? Like I can tell you a 100 things that make me a good friend or lover but SO? Lol nah I'll probably just stay single forever 😅👍

    • Haha I'm sure there are plenty things. And qualities that make you a good friend or lover will probably make you a good SO too

  • 1) I never give up
    2) I can fight
    3) I have good eyelashes
    4) I can clean stuff.
    I don't know.. That's all I guess..

  • I have integrity, honesty, banter, loyalty, faith in God, creativity, depth, fashion sense, being shorter than everyone, thinking my partner is the most beautiful thing in the world, being low maintenance, being positive, sensitivity, individuality and not over-smothering going for me. (kinda weird I can half-mean all this knowing I hate myself but something must be improving :) )
    As a girlfriend i'd be the type of person to remember small details about him, use him as a muse for my writing, memorize his favorite songs, be moral support, wear *fun* outfits sometimes involving his clothes when he comes home if he married me, watch his favorite movies, send things that reminded me of him, take cute candids and always try to look my best for him. All things guys don't seem to typically care about but whatever.

  • • I am a huge sports fan especially basketball, football, or soccer
    • I seem to have a nice body ( at least that is what guys tell me)
    • I'm Asian (Is that even a good thing)
    • I'm funny and bubbly
    • I don't like drama so no fights
    • I don't drink, smoke, or do drugs
    • I don't mind getting down and dirty
    • I don't like shopping
    • I don't wear make up but I am considered pretty
    • I am very friendly so I am basically friends with everyone
    • I don't like social media so I won't be on my phone often.
    • I love cuddling
    • I don't like going to fancy places or having to dress up unless the guy wants to
    • I like to play video games occasionally
    • I love wearing snapback hats backwards which my guy friends call cute
    • I have opinions and I won't let the S/O decide where to go or where to eat all the time.

  • • I'm extremely sarcastic
    • I cook extremely well
    • I'd bake any dessert he wanted
    • I'm extremely affectionate
    • I don't drink or do drugs and I won't even when I'm legal (it's alright if he does as long as he's old enough)
    • I'm upfront so he'll never have to run in circles around me
    • I have strong relationship with GOD
    • I'm spontaneous so there will always be excitement
    •I have a cute nose and I sneeze cut too lol
    • I prefer the outdoors so hiking would be ideal
    • I'm waiting until marriage I hope my future SO is too
    • I have naturally curly hair
    • I blush adorably
    • I'm candid funny so there will never be a boring moment
    • I have an awesome figure
    Besides for my awesome brains I think that's it lol

    • "I have strong relationship with GOD" and "I'm waiting until marriage" I think most guys would see as a bad thing but other than that it's good :) Also I think most guys would prefer if she drank from time to time, it's nice to sit and have a beer together. But of course it's your opinion, there's no wrong answers :)

    • I think it's a matter a preference haha The type of guy I'm looking for would be okay with it and if a guy came up to me and he wasn't okay with it then we weren't compatible anyways. I thank you for the input though! I personally don't mind anyone else drinking but I'm just not interested I tried it once within my parents supervision lol and I didn't enjoy how it made me feel. :)

  • Ok I am super awkward but I'll try um..
    Well I think my eyes, I really like the light shade of grey/blue. I also like how I find it really easy to be myself around lots of people, and I also say a lot of funny jokes too. :) so yeah haha

  • won't say every quality, but here are just a few

    *i'm a very calm person, so can handle even the most volatile of men
    *when i love, i love hard

    that's all for now...

  • I think I am good at appreaciting..
    I will appreciate if he cooks for me.


  • To quote my boyfriend "I'd be crazy to even consider the thought of breaking up with you. Why on earth would I want to give up on a girl out of my league in looks, makes me coffee in the morning, randomly leaves me beer or food, makes me cookies and cream ice cream from scratch, let's me giver her anal, is always as sexually frustrated as I am, wants to take me out and pay for things, and asked if we could have rotating valentines days so that it's not just a special day for the girls? Not to mention you enjoy watching me play Starcraft and you try to learn as much as you can about car mods."

  • I'm rich and can never get fat

  • - I'm very loyal and would never ever cheat. If I'm in a relationship I'm very serious about it so he wouldn't have to worry about me leaving him either unless he seriously mistreated me.

    - I'm always there for him and support him and he can talk to me about anything. Yeah usually guys don't like talking but if he wanted to for some reason.

    - I'm cute, petite and have beautiful eyes. I've noticed many guys seem to like it.

    - I don't party, sleep around, smoke or anything like that.

    - I'm not a radical feminist.

    - I'm intelligent.

    - I try to do and say things to let him know that I really care about him and appreciate him and what he does and that I'm proud of him.

  • I am loyal and trustworthy.
    I will stand by them through thick and thin.
    I give good blow jobs.
    I don't mind and actively encourage lads nights.
    I don't want to see them 24/7.
    I have a high sex drive.
    I look so sexy in the morning when I've just woken up.
    I'd always make an effort to show them how special they are to me.
    I would make an effort with them and not take them for granted.

    I could go on for ever

  • Kind
    Good listener


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  • I get people. I know why they do the things they do, and I relate to them. I know what makes you happy. Why you're upset. Why our relationship holds strong or why it's breaking. What you love about me and what you should love about you. You'll never find someone else who studies you just figure out how to make you happy and how to make you better.

    That, and I'm not terrible at cooking or sex.

  • Honestly, my friends were talking to me about how many crazy orders they were getting at the drive through. One time someone drove in and asked him for 8 burgers, 4 large fries and 4 large cokes. So I mean, I guess that could be considered a Special Order. Try it.

  • Open-minded
    Critical-thinking skills
    Not shallow

    That's literally all I want.

  • Well yeah i can cook 😛
    I am a good listener, and can be very comforting, I'm probably the most affectionate person you have ever met. I'm usually very kind, I'm smart, i have a way with words, I'm good at handling arguments and disagreements, I'm pretty wealthy, i have bright blue eyes, but that's pretty much the only physical trait i ever get complimented on (although there was one girl who told me i have "nice lips"), i may be rather small, but I'm actually really strong and a good fighter if need be, I'm very loyal, honest, responsible, and trustworthy, and i (can be) funny 😅, also i am very straight forward about my feelings and make it known what i want.

  • I'm not late am I? LOL
    I asked her and she said that.
    1. kind and loving.
    2. VERY understanding
    3. likes to cuddle
    4. Tolerant
    5. Chubby and cute
    6. a great pillow (especially the thigh)
    7. a great cook.
    8. helpful (for assignments)
    9. VERY good listener
    - that's what she said-
    as for what I'd do for her... not much. she can handle most stuff on her own. Well, what I can promise her in that friggin relationship is that she'd always have my support in anything. I'd shut up and listen to her whenever she has something to say/share.


  • -I'm loyal
    - I'm thoughtful
    -I think a lot and I'm reasonably intelligent.
    -I'm an extremely capable person, and there aren't many things I can't do once I decide I want to do them.
    -I'm well-spoken
    -I work hard to take care of myself and am fastidious about my appearance
    -I LOVE to make people laugh
    -I try extremely hard to make those I care for happy
    -I'm easygoing
    -I'm affectionate and very passionate

  • They need to be able to tolerate my bs.

  • Financial responsibility and stability.