What do you do when a guy hasn't talked to you in a few days?

If things progress too fast, does a guy get scared? A guy who apparently really likes me hasn't talked to me in a few days and is acting really weird. He wouldn't just lose interest in me over the span of 4 days, would he? I didn't do anything wrong, however some silly drama did occur but we talked it out. We spent a lot of time together last week and I'm wondering if it was just too much too soon. What can I do about this? He's a really great guy and we had lots of plans together so I dont want to lose that. Should I just wait it out till the weekend? We both are really busy with school and whatnot, so maybe thats why he hasn't contacted me. I definitely feel like there's something going on though.


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  • Call him tell him how you feel if he is a keeper he will flip his wig knowing you will go to this extent for him.


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  • ... Things that progress too fast can Indeed give a newbie cold duck feet.
    ... Yes, he can get thinking as he sits alone to ponder and 'Lose interest in me over the span of 4 days...
    ... The Drama Queen redrick may have later put a sour ball in his mouth and with him Not having 'Talked to you in a few days,' he may still be giving Everything a thought as of yet and this is why he hasn't pushed a button on his own end.
    If you haven't heard a peep from him by Friday, push a Button on your own end as to How he is? If he responds in a polite timely manner, let him then, contact you after from there.
    However, if he just puts you on hi spay no mind list. move on, close this chapter and learn from your mistakes for the next newbie.
    Good luck. xx


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  • Damn that seems to happen a lot. Guys do get spooked when things go too fast. Especially if he's not in the driver's seat. What was the silly drama if you don't mind me asking?

    • Basically he invited my roommates and i to chill with his roommates before going out. When we got there, he decided he was going to leave and hang out with his other friend, which was rude since he invited me. I guess later that night, my friends asked him why he would leave like that and he apparently was pissed off and was acting rude. I think his roommates noticed I was frustrated and told him that i was mad. That night he was drinking and also smoked so that may have been why he was acting so strange. The next day he apologized to us and things seemed fine. I haven't talked to him since Saturday though and we live in the same building. He's never had a girlfriend and doesn't have too much experience with girls so I'm wondering if thats the issue? Its dumb because we went to a dance together, went on a date, planned to go to some concerts, etc. I wouldn't think he would just lose interest thaaaat fast.

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    • Well then wait it out. He may be trying to deal with the emotions he's having for you. Unlike us girls, they tend to feel weakened when they fall for a girl. So they retreat to try and feel strong again. When/if he returns, he can get closer to u. Do Just Do Your Own Thing IN The meantime.

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