How can you know if they are using you for sex?

Is still very difficult for me to know.
I met a guy, days later we started to have sex and I though that maybe he was not very serious about me but is confusing me because sometimes he treats me like a girlfriend. He text me every day calling me cheesy names, sometimes I spend the night in his house and we actually have dates.

Yesterday he went out into the storm just because I said I needed something from the store.

But most of our dates is just sex so I am a little confused. I really really like him.


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  • If you really really like him, it means that somehow, you get something out of this relationship. Please, don't say he is "using" you, even if it's for sex. He is obviously not disrespecting you. He gets sex, you get something else in return. It's a transaction where everybody gets what he wants. If your needs are different, then it would be a good idea to define what you two are. Saying you are getting used is like saying he's a crook or a scumbag and that is disrespectful towards him. By the way, no women are getting used. If they don't like the "deal", they can always get out of it. They are no "victims". If women didn't give it, it would be rape.

    Now talk to him and ask him about his expectations about your couple and define yours.


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  • Try this!

    Every time he trys to jump you try not to give in, if he starts to get annoyed, upset etc you will have your answer

    But he could be acting so maybe do it for a while, he's gotta break at some point


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  • The best thing to do is to ask him what he's looking for and state your own intentions. Preferably not during a tense moment like before sex. Even if he's not interested in a relationship, I wouldn't think of yourself as being used. Obviously he has shown he can treat you like a girlfriend rather than as just a person for sex.

  • You know he is not using you when there is stability to the relationahip: he talks to you regularly and never 'disappears' for hours or days.
    And when he seems to care about you: you express needs, and he tries to help take care of those needs, without it being about him. Meanwhile, if he has needs, he does not try to have them met at the expense of your needs.


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