I am so broody right now 😔 Like, all the time. How do I stop it?

I have an almost insatiable desire to become a mum at the minute. I just want to get pregnant, enjoy the experience of having a baby growing inside me along with the beautiful big belly.

I can't stop thinking of what it would be like to snuggle a newborn in my arms, like, all the time.

Only problem being I just split with my boyfriend, and we planned out our family together down to the last detail. From pregnancy, first baby kicks, labour to first words/steps and both of us were desperate for babies.

We split 5 months ago and now all I can think about babies. How do I stop this? I can hardly have a baby without a partner :(


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  • Babysit for family and friends. Like properly running around on school runs and activities and see how you feel then


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