Is it possible for a guy to like 2 girls at the same time or does he like one more?

Can a guy like 2 girls (to the same degree) at once? Or does he like one of them more than the other? I am in a situation now where this guy likes me and I sort of like him but he also talks to this other girl. The worst part is all 3 of us work together. I was talking to his friend and the girl today and the 2 of them were talking about how the guy liked her and she didn't know if she like him since she just got out of a relationship but when she first brought it up the friend said to her "___ is also ___'s girl so you've got some competition". And now I don't know what to do. I do like the guy a little but since we all work together I don't want to create drama but I am pretty sure she already hated me before today. So, is it possible that this guy likes both of us or does he most likely like one of us more than the other? (probably her since he asked her out and he has her number. He is more forward with her than he is with me).


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  • yea i think its possible a guy could like one girl more then the other but it could be only slightly it might even change from day to day if its neck and neck its not easy choosing between two great girls...


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