Do this girl see me as a possible partner or just a friend?

We went on 2 dates this spring. She ended up telling me that she thought we had a really good friendship and didn't want to ruin it with a relationship. So we more or less stopped talking since then until a week or so ago. We have class together so weve been hanging out to study and such. We went out to grab a bite to eat after we were done and she smiled when I picked up the bill. When we we were done studying today I asked if she wanted to hang out tonight and she said she couldnt make it but invited me to go to a concert tomorrow and then go out with her and her friends after. Is it possible that she could be thinking about us being more than friends again? If you can't tell I really really like this girl.


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  • Sorry to tell you this, but she is only looking for friendship. She wouldn't have told you that if she didn't mean it.

  • About to hit ta with a dose of harsh reality my friend... brace yourself... are you braced?

    You are just a friend!!! <---take that in for a sec. But don't be bummed out by that, if you truly enjoy her company and what she brings to your life and the world itself, this will be enough for you.

    Now, sometimes we still want more than enough, and with that said... you can become more than friends, possibly!! But as of right now, she invited you out with friends and told you she didn't want to ruin the friendship.

    Ok long story short here lol, you go to that concert and be as fun as you can possibly be. If you still get to hang out with her, you can create moments and an attraction she won't just want to be friends with...

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