Girls is it normal to be afraid of relationships?

I'm 20 and I've never had a relationship before. I mean, I keep on fantasizing about the perfect relationship and my wedding and stupid stuff like that. But when the real deal gets closer (aka things evolve with a guy towards an eventual relationship), I stop everything, I get scared of it for some unknown reason.
For example there was a guy I had a crush on last year, and just when I knew it was mutual and we started getting to know each-other, I cut everything. My friends didn't get it and me neither.
Did it ever happen to you :/ ?


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  • I think its adorable how you fantasize about your future husband and building a romantic relationship :)

    I am like you now, i am afraid to enter a relationship with the "wrong" person, it can be nerve racking and frankly worrisome, i feel like i am wasting time or that it won't last, or that i can do better, or that she is too... something! i over think things!

    you might just over think things like me
    I mean if i was as beautiful and intelligent as you, i would remain very picky :)


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  • Getting into a new relationship can be nerve racking and very stressful. The main idea is to let things evolve naturally. If things are going good with a guy, just don't let you get in your own way. Don't let fear overwhelm you. Just try to have fun and keep things natural.

  • a lot, yes I have a hard time dealing with it if I feel even a hint of foreseeable issues.
    But I imagine you are afraid since you keep hearing all those horror stories in relationships where it falls apart...
    I would say it is much worse if you don't give it a try, at that point you have failed by default

  • Its not stupid stuff although it was a lot more common back in the days. look for someone in the bible belt if you live in the U. S or a mormon in utah, best state I've ever been to.


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