Would you guys be upset too?

My boyfriend and i have been together dor 4 years now and his parents still don't acknowledge my birthday no text no card nothing they know my birthday too because my boyfriend always mentions it. I find it odd because we have been together a while and we see his mom and step dad almost weekly for Sunday dinners. We live 15 minutes away from them. I am close to them and i always get his mom something and send her a text on her bday yet mine is never acknowledged. Im not saying they have to give me some big extravagent gift but cmon after being with my boyfriend for 4 years and seeing them weekly i see them as in laws pretty much yet my bday is never acknowledged and im treated like an outsider. Would you guys be upset too in my shoes?


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  • You're not their daughter, so that's none of their concern.

    • I was think the exact same thing while reading this.

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    • They do that because it makes the son happy.

    • And here is a crazy notion. Maybe they also genuinely care and like me as a person. You keep saying their son over ans over again like i dont know who he is. You wouldn't say her boyfriend over and over if you were talking to his parents

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  • I wouldn't be too upset.

    If my guy acknowledges it, that's enough.😉💕❤❤

    • Thats a good point. As long as my boyfriend isn't rude and doesn't ignore my bday it should be all good.