So tell me is it going good?

I have talked to the guy I like and we even went on video chat. I'm going to buy him a slushie and 3 sugar sticks tomorrow (because I like him and because he has a sweet tooth). And he said because of this and because I didn't want him to pay me back, that he was going to give me a sketchbook and some candy corn (because I love to draw and because I haven't had candycorn before). We were playing this game and it was basically just asking each other questions (such as "whats your favorite food?" for example". And we would go back in forth now this went on for like a half an hour, and it was awesome in my opinion. Also before we video chatted he said that I was the best and that he'd do anything for me. I wonder is it going good? Or is it just a start of a friendship? (Btw we are under 18).


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  • Sounds like it's working out great so far, sounds like he really likes you more than a friend.