Got Friendzoned. wana know if she just wanted to get rid of me or what? girls help?

me: how have u been? i feel like im drifting from you

her:Ive been pretty good actually. Much better than last year

her:Amd ik weve just both been busy which is fine. I think we kinda needed the space
good to hear school doing well, and needed the space? what do you mean

me:Just so we could go back to being friends
oh shite, i just got friendzoned tongue emoticon i told my self id refuse to let that happen but ya got me, well played

her:Sorry - with a wink face

Its for the best. Believe mw

Me:its not in me to believe that but i respect your wishes, i shall pick up my shreds as a gentleman

her:I'm really sorry. But I like to think logical and there's kind of no logic to us dating
some times logical thinking won't solve a problem or show the proper way, its based on what you know and experienced. if you haven't tried it how can it be logically approached.
i trying to say that i hoped you had an open mind and are not afraid of what happened with other guys, to seepast what was what is and look at what is yet to be

I did. And what is yet to be is we each have our own future ahead of us, in different directions

I'm sorry but I'm gonna go to bed. See you around
me:its ok, have a good night (her name)
We have romantic history and never had a fight or anything, she just dosent have it in her any more, perhaps bacause of school or something but i feel i was led on.

i said what came after -her:I'm really sorry. But I like to think logical and there's kind of no logic to us dating. i forgot to add it was me talking


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  • Just leave it alone, it just wasn't meant to be man. Sorry if that ruined your day.

    • but what do u think made her turn me away, was it a game or something?

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    • ok thanks

    • You're welcome. Hold your head up, you got the rest of your life ahead of you. There's plenty of girls out there.

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