Why is she so awkward?

Ok me and this girl were talking at first.. she was in one of my classes in school.. got her number.. we were texting and stuff but one reason I hate texting is because I find it way better to be face to face with the person and my texts can come off as uninterested or bored which I'm not doing purposely.. she told me I seem uninterested or irritated.. now she kinda stopped texting me and doesn't wanna hangout.. the worst part is I see in her school almost everyday and when we see eachother she goes on her phone and acts like she's on it to seem to avoid eye contact I guess.. why she acting all weird now?

What do I do?


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  • Girls put more steak on texting than guys do. I personally hate texting, but most girls love it and they read into every little piece of texting. As a rule of thumb in the future, the purpose of texting is not to get to know each other, even if they want to. The point of texting is to get a date so you can get that face to face. I understand your confusion but she isn't acting weird to girl standards. You seemed uninterested over text, so you are uninterested as a person. You could just walk up to her and explain that to her and see if she wants to give you another shot and maybe go out with you. Girls like honestly and boldness.


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  • She sounds shy. Learn texting :P
    If she isn't shy then forget her. She's *insert another anon's comment here*.

  • Forget her.

    • I'm going to but I feel like I did something wrong by texting that way lol... things were going good in the beginning that's why

    • Yeah it's not your fault. She's just one of those bitches who wants to be "entertained". Forget her.

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