What can I do if I found out who I really love?

so me and this guy has dated lots before and we broke up and he use to tell he still loves me and he has cheated on me and everything so I felt like I should move on so I did and I dated for awhile and I'm with his cousin and like to day I was going though somethings and I seen I found me a girl and stuff like that and then he has changed all his pictures of her and I realised I'm not over him at all. I have no idea what to do please hlep.

And His cousin reminds me of him I don't know what to do
Morechlep please


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  • I think you should stay away from your ex, mainly for the point that he cheated on you. Yes, there will be feelings left over, but no excuse to go back to someone who didn't respect you, and speaking as someone who has cheated (many years ago), it takes a lot for that change to take hold. I've gone almost four years now before I felt comfortable dating again because for a long time I didn't even trust myself. There are plenty of guys who won't do that to you and who are worthy of you and your time.

    • But there's no way I have every class with him ohh that's true there is guys out there like my boyfriend but im scared he will do the same thing just like his cousin did to me. An I don't know how to tell him that

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  • Don't you go back to a cheater, he's just going to do it again. You're going to get hurt again, do you really want that? Seems like he moved on, so have you right? Please love yourself hun, it's a big world out there.

    • Right now I honestly feel like I have moved on and its really hard but thank you

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    • Okay thank you

    • You're welcome. (:

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