Women would your attraction go up for a guy if they say they're not looking for casual sex?

  • Yes my attraction would increase for them
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Threemonkeys stfu there's nothing wrong with casual sex you dipshit


Most Helpful Girl

  • It doesn't really matter what the guy is looking for so much as how he goes about it. I don't find it unattractive when a guy is just looking for sex, but if he were to say something totally obscene to me right off the bat then I would find that completely unattractive. If a guy were to talk to me and kind of subtlety let me know that he was interested in sex by making flirtatious remarks or just being sexy in some way I would be completely into that and would be a lot more likely to have sex with him. There are a lot of girls who aren't turned off by the idea of casual sex. They're just turned off by the idea of guys being perverts about it and not initiating it in the proper way. If a guy knows how to initiate sex in a subtle way without just coming right out and asking for it I think any girl would find him 100 times more attractive. I don't need to get to know someone for weeks before I'll have sex with them, I just need something more attractive than "Hey babe, wanna do it?" It's not always about your intentions, it's about how you show those intentions.

    • Seems like you got offended and took too much out of context but it's alright I'm just asking if your attraction of a guy would go up if he just says this sentence "he's not looking for casual sex"

    • I don't believe casual sex should be encouraged.

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  • It depends on what they want. If a woman isn't into a relationship she won't care, but if she is, it'll most likely increase the attraction cause she knows he's looking for the same as her, ergo, more chances of dating him.


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  • for sure! not interested in a man who wants casual sex anyway.

  • Yes, definitely, I've actually noticed that I find it really hot if guys say that they're not into casual sex, one night stands, all that. :) Says a lot about the person.

  • i'm neutral. actions count more than words.

  • It depends on what is looking for. But yes it would

    • He's not looking to settle or be serious but not interested in casual sex not that it's wrong just not looking for it

    • If I want a relationship then absolutely

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