He always talked about her?

whenever we went out on a date or met up or talked on msn, he always talked about her, whether it was telling me who ALL his ex's were and or telling me everything that they'd done together. To make things worse he is still freinds with all of his ex's and I didn't tell him this, but, that made me uncomfortable, as well as the constant mentioning of his ex when we were on a date. He spoke fondly of her "when she and I were holding hands walking down ***** street this one time...blah blah blah" and he only asked me out quite soon after breaking up with her. Before asking me out he also fancied 2 other girls, both who turned him down (in some form) within a week of him asking me out. I broke up with him because I felt like the rebound girl, I told him it was because I thought we had rushed things and that I didn't have the same feelings, whereas the truth was I was terrified of getting hurt (because I had got stronger feelings for him) and I hated the fact he wasn't a virgin (yeah, another thing he told me about what him and his ex did) and the fact he kept talking about her. Was I wrong to leave him?

i just found out he has aspergers, I now know it means he has trouble with emotions and relationships. I feel horrible.


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  • No, he clearly wasn't over the other girls yet, let him go through a mourning process, mature a little, then go to someone else, not you, he had a chance with you and couldn't see you in front of him.


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  • the dude is immature.

    first if you are with a girl you don't talk about past gfs/sexual experiences just like you would any other conversation.

    also, if he dwells on an ex then it's a big sign he isn't over her yet (and from reading what he said to you about her he definitely is not over her).

    you were definitely right to get rid of him.

    he's a loser.

    you can do better.


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  • I agree - seems like he still likes the ex. You were smart in dumping him. I was a rebound girl before and my boyfriend dumped me to go back to the ex... and then they broke up and came back to me... good 4 you that you left!