How to weed out asshole "Nice guys" to real "Nice guys"?

All guys claim there nice. But its proven to be not true! All the guys i talk to who claim there "Nice" turns oyt to be assholes, jerks, ignores you or cheats! I like tall, funny sarcastic romantic "Nice" guys who like country music. I tend to attract assholes who just want sex/ bootycalls. I dont NEED a boyfriend vut i want one. I belive in fairytales and im a hopeless romantic and i feel like im gonna be single forever and be a old dog lady alone and sad!
Anyone got any tips?

Thanks! Im 24 by the way


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  • The best way to filter them out, is to assume that all guys who 'claim' they are nice, aren't really nice! 'Real' nice guys don't go around proclaiming to the world how 'nice' they are!


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  • Remember that all people are capable of doing terrible things. That's their ability, to do good or evil. You are in the same boat of being able to cheat, ignore, or use someone. The best way to know if a guy really cares about you is if he is willing to respect you. I personally suggest not having sex for the first few months of dating. Some guys, even nice ones, don't respect girls if the girls are so easy to have sex. So just don't do that and you won't be a booty call. You'll be someone they have to respect because you respect yourself. And though you say you don't need a boyfriend, you do need someone who can love you and respect you. Don't give up and keep looking. He's out there.

    • I don't/ haven't slept with any of them! I think that the problem. Like guys want to sleep with girls first date/ meeting then they worry about liking her or treating her nice! I'venever slept with a guy first mmeeting/ never send/ sent them nudes so I have no reason for them not to respect me

    • The no sex thing is a key among many others. You have to spend time with him because you won't know until you get to know him. There are no guarantees, but use your intuition. You can feel when something is off. I usually judge people by how they treat their family and people under them. That gives me a good scale to look at them as a person. That could help you weigh them.

    • haha clearly my institution is bad if i keep thinking multiple guys are not what they seem and turn out jerks, assholes, etc.

      i have alittle bit of trust issues and im good at knowing when somethings 'off' then when i assume that it usually when a guy turns into a Asshole/ jerk and im annoyed because i started 'liking' them or i wasted my time talking to them

  • How he treats the waiters and staff at restaurants or other people in the service industry in general. Also wait to have sex until you have established a meaningful relationship with him. If that means waiting for 6 months to a year then you have to do it. A guy who is a fake nice guy isn't going to wait that long since he most likely wants sex. A true nice guy will take how you feel into considerations when having sex. But this can kind of backfire if you've instantly had sex with any other guy before and he knows it. Also every guy has a limit on how long before they break up with you because you don't want sex. Also a nice guy might be scared, nervous, or shy about having sex with you.

  • ALL GUYS? Wow u met the wrong guys

    • Yupp all! And I'm not even being dramatic

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    • I generalize because its true. I've literly likes/ hadall kind of guys. It uusually ends the same them being assholes. Maybe its the men in my area but I'm sure out there's the same thing. Guys out there 21-28 want sex and booty calls. I was probably born in wrong decade but I actuallywant a relationship... Guess iI should have been born in 50's lol

    • What a bad society u live in

  • this is generally true, but obviously not always: you can kinda weed out the "nice guys" from nice guys in how they act. there are a few ways you can possibly tell (although i have seen both backfire). if a guy is nice to you and not really to anyone else, that may be a sign he's not really a nice guy. they may be nicer to you, but they'll take others into consideration like holding the door or some other shit. also, generally nice guys are more reluctant to say anything because they take your feelings more in consideration. again, not saying that either are fool proof (they aren't), but i think both are fairly accurate tells.

  • Most people are not really very nice, they just like to think they are and want very much for other people to think they are. They conform to the conventions of good behavior to give an impression of niceness. To spot pretenders watch how they behave when they are anonymous or when they don't have to worry about the other person's opinion of them. Watch how they treat waiters and how they react to strangers who are inconsiderate to them. Watch how they drive.


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