Is jealousy always bad? Is it justified in this case?

I'm in a pretty new relationship with a guy who broke up with his ex to be with me. He still lives in the same house as her, while he finds a new place. He's currently inspecting apartments.

Anyway, the issue at hand is that his ex says she's fine with him staying there, and that she just wants to be friends. But she keeps posting on his facebook wall, with cute little comments, and most recently, photos of them together when they were dating. I'm a little uncomfortable about this, and while he doesn't answer them much, I'm a little jealous.

Am I wrong here? Should I talk to him? I'm not normally a jealous person, and I don't want to be that girl who goes crazy over nothing.

Just want to add that he's offered to move out immediately, but I said to stay since he was going to have money problems.
I really need some help here


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  • Nope it seems justified, but I would be very careful right now.

    • Can you elaborate on that?

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    • But don't come off as psycho... Think as you are talking to him, pretend like you are being recorded so you don't say anything stupid---if that makes sense. Approach calm and collected:)

    • Don't jump around the subject... ie: don't play games, be straight forward.

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  • Well good for you for being supportive and telling him to stay since it will benefit him financially :)
    Its okay to be jealous, I understand that just make sure you don't end up taking it out on your boyfriend- remember you two are a team, a partnership; work together not against each other. I would very nicely let him know though, that it does make you uncomfortable. If he feels it is worth it to talk to her and ask her nicely to not do those things since they make the both of you uncomfortable, then your problem will more than likely be fixed (unless she's crazy). If he does not want to talk to her about it because he thinks she will make it a huge deal or what not, I would just continue to be the supportive girlfriend you are being ! Hang in there

    • Thanks for you answer :) I was a bit worried about mentioning it, because it is only a new relationship... but if I can't talk to him about it, we'll probably have problems before long anyway, right?
      She went nuts when they broke up, but after a week or so, started acting all nice again, which I found a little suspicious... I'll bring it up in a nice way to him.

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    • Yeah, you're probably right. I think he really does care about how I feel about it. When he offered to move out immediately, it was so that I didn't feel uncomfortable about it.

    • yeah of course, which is why I think it would be a great idea for you to just openly talk to him about how it makes you uncomfortable. Best of luck girl, kill it ! (:

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  • It sounds a little bit like she is trying to “mark her territory” with him. More important that what you what is what the guy is likely to do. Do you trust him? If so nothing to worry about. If not, well maybe you should reconsider dating him.

    • I trust him. Keep in mind, they're no longer together, and haven't been for a couple of months. I think she might be trying to get him back.
      Should I bring it up with him? I'm really not comfortable with it.

    • I would not worry too much about it. It is not unusual for a person to miss something that they have lost and try to get it back. If they guy is happy with you what the other girl wants is irrelevant. Sure you can ask him about her, that can't really hurt. Just to accuse him or ask him to block her, that will only make you look needy.

    • True. It just freaks me out a bit, because they were together for such a long time (8 years).

      I was thinking more just bringing up, almost as a joke. Like 'Awks moment when I open my facebook and see that xD'

  • that sounds really suspicious. If i did that to my girlfriend shed kick me out. Are you sure he really broke up with her?

    • Yes. That's why she's posting those sorts of things. She's trying to remind him of what they had together, and trying to cause problems because she knows I'll see them.

    • I see. Then I am afraid you just have to trust him. In life there might be girls who will hit on him without your knowledge which is why learning to trust someone in a releationship is essential. Good luck!

    • Thanks :) I do trust him, but seeing things like that definitely makes me a little uncomfortable.

  • So, what makes you Toni he won't break up with you for another girl? Once a cheater always a cheater

    • You think*

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    • Thanks, but I don't think it's applicable.

    • Never say never

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