Does my friend have a right to feel like this? feel bitter, resentful, angry, and jealous of people even though he has a girlfriend now?

My friend was a late bloomer in dating and relationships, didn't get his first girlfriend until the age of 31!!!, althoug he is happy that he finally has a girlfriend, he says to this day, he still occasionally gets bitter, resentful, jealous, envious, even enraged, at guys, men, who had girlfriends earlier in life, guys who got to experience having a girlfriend, sex life, in their late teens and early to mid-20's, couples out there younger than him. He says he feels if he was born a woman, he would not have been such a late bloomer

Does he have a right to be feeling that way?

women i feel are far less likely to end up like this since they don't have to be the initiators


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  • Yeah, he would have indeed had it much easier if he were a woman. But being so negative about it would only harm him, because he is NOT a woman.

    • exactly, since women don't have to approach!!!

    • Exactly! That's the BIGGEST advantage women have over men, when it comes to dating. Sill he needs to appreciated for finally getting a woman to say that elusive 'yes' to him!

    • women ultimately have the final say!!!

  • He can but I think he shouldn't dwell on it to long

    • well he's only been with his girlfriend for 5 months now

    • Comparing himself with other will always lead him to resent others but most of all himself, we seen this happened time and time again

    • ya, well i don't blame him at all for feeling resentful over being a late bloomer

  • A right? Yes. Everyone has a right to feelings. And in his case you can't really blame the guy - those feelings had all the time to take root in him it's no wonder he feels that way.

    But he may grow out of it.

  • He has a right to feel however he wants about this. However I think it's very self destructive and silly of him to have this attitude towards others. It will probably come back to bite him in the ass later.

    • how do you think it will come back to bite him in the ass?

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    • why do you think it's silly for him to have this attitude?

    • Because it's self destructive to have such built up anger for something he has very little control over.

  • i don't blame him at all for feeling that way, being single that long has got to take its toll on you!, and yes i agree with him about women, because basically, women just have to go out there and show up, thats all, if they want to meet a guy, i hate girls who have the mindset "Guys have it easy cuz you guys are the ones who are supposed to approach which means girls can only choose from the guys who come up to them whereas men can come up to anyone they want"

    BUT GIRLS ULTIMATELY HAVE THE FINAL SAY, or whoever is in that situation, being approached as opposed to doing the approaching, is the one that gets to accept or decline, so is basically, doing the picking, and that does not really require high self-esteem, confidence, charisma, being a great conversationalist, all a girl needs to know is just basic small talk, but guys have to be funny and creative in what they say.

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