How do I start dating again?

Been single since last May, and I still can't get my ex out of my mind, no matter how hard I try. How can I get myself out there to start dating again? I'm trying to get my ex out of my head, while at the same time, trying to meet new women, hopefully start another relationship and try to make it last longer than my previous one, which was 3 months, ended right before I graduated from high school. Any insight or advice will be helpful. I know I can't be the only one going through this.


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  • I know how that feels. I broke up with my ex two years ago (we dated 4 years) and I still think about her even though I'm now dating someone else right now. It's not a bad thing to think about them, because they did mean something to us. It's our way of remembering that we do have feelings, we are human, so if we could just shut down those feelings, think how much worse the world would be. Use that experience and memory as a tool to have a better dating life. What went wrong? What could have gone better? Could you have changed anything? These are the questions you need to ask. Don't be afraid of dating other people, because there are lots of girls out there waiting for you. I don't think we ever truly move on, they take a piece of us with them, and that's okay. We prove our character by learning from others and move on. Move on and be smarter for it. So get out there and start dating. Your profile says your 19, so you should be in college, or looking at collage aged girls. Dating for you should be really easy, just talk to girls and go out on some dates. Date lots of girls. Don't give up and you'll be fine. Tell your self that everyday, that you need to keep trying.


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  • 1. Go to a bar:
    2. Chat up with a girl YOU LIKE
    3. Follow her outside when she leaves the bar
    4. When she is alone, use chloroform to make her become unconscious
    5. If people past by make it look like she is your drunk girlfriend
    6. Get a cab back to your place
    7. Tie her up to your bed.
    8. Gag her mouth and talk to her everyday until she wants to be your girlfriend
    9. Congrats your now in a relationship.

    I think i deserve MHO.

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