Should I tell this girl how I feel or would that make it worse?

This girl I really like just got out of a relationship and I really like her, but I'm torn whether or not I should tell her I really like her or if I should just try to hang out with her as a friend and tell her us hanging out is just as friends. The problem is how long until she will be ready to date again, I don't know.


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  • I think you should just casually hang out with her and get to know her a bit better. Once you've spent time getting to know her you may get a better idea of how long it will be til she's over him. She will definitely need some time, just be a friend. good luck x


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  • well I think you answered the question for yourself.

    you understand that she needs time until she can date you need to give her time until you tell her how you feel.

    how long was she with this guy? why did they break up?

    that will help you understand how long it will take.

    but if you get with her now there is a chance you will just be a "band aid" to her previous relationship.

    good luck, be smart.