When do you know when to give up?

Say your trying to win your ex back. What are some of the signs they would give to show they aren't interested?

Ladies if you could help me I would highly appreciate it.


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  • Well, the the most obvious is when she sends you a message via phone, text, email, etc that says, "I don't want to date, be friends, or talk." That would be it. This means that she has reached a boiling point and it's over. I'm not sure what your situation is, but that is how I had to release my ex. Things were not going well, and we had broken up numerous times, but he would pursue me and I would go back. My "leave me alone" pleads weren't stong enough until I started getting frustrated with him, snappy, and somewhat mean. It hurt so bad because I trully still loved him, but he wasn't respecting my decision. I finally dropped the bomb, and told him to leave me the F alone. It still sucks when I think about it. I'm a good person, so I don't like hurting people's feelings.


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  • you'll know when you should give up, its a deep feeling. you won't want to, but you'll know.

    some signs. :

    She doesn't try to call you back or keep contact in anyway.

    like Artist said, She starts seeing new people.

    She repeatedly tells you it won't work.

  • You will feel it inside of you when the time s right to move on. It will hurt but it is inthe best interest for you.

    Some Signs are

    - If she's flirting or getting interested with another guy.

    - She doesn't contact you or even try.

    Just the things people would do when you want to avoid them. Such as no eye contact.


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  • - When she starts pursueing someone new

    - When she constantly complains / nags / yells at you to an abusive state.

    - When she purposefully picks things to p*ss you off


    Use your own judgement, what are you willing to tolerate, and what are you not willing to compromise on?

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