When u r unsure about ur feelings, what will you do? and what u expect others/crush etc to do?

example: u and ur crush knows that u both like each other, but u r unsure about ur feelings. what willl u do? and what do u think u want ur crush to do?


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  • women are born with 6th sense, use your 6th sense sweety...
    u said urself that u like each other, and he likes u too...
    then why holding back? spend time with him, talk to him,,, get to know him better...
    and if u think he is the right guy for u then go for it...
    and if u have a boyfriend... then u dont really love ur boyfriend coz u wouldn't have felt attraction towards ur crush...
    decide wisely,,,,,

  • I always ignore my feelings completely, i think deeply to how much i truly love them for who they are. I know feelings will eventually fade so i want them to be great even when the feelings are gone.

    So my advice to you would be when in doubt, take a look at the long term. Would you really still see yourself with him after 3 years because he is such a great person? Or do you think the excitement will have faded by then?


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