Girls, What's going on? Confused about girl I'm dating?

So since June 2015, I've been seeing this girl who've I've grown fond and care about. We've been psychial with each other many times. the only thing is she has child , which I don't mind but I think she does. Around late August we stop having sex, and she became distant. She used to say I love you all the time. She said she felt like she's falling in love with and she doesn't want too and she wants to stop talking. She says she feels I deserve more than she can offer. Which makes no sense too me. So she pushed me away but would still call and text me everyday. We're not pshysical anymore, no more kissing or sex. But I got annoyed with her because she doesn't want too love me which hurt my feelings. So Itold her I feel like I need to move on because this isn't going anywhere because I do have feelings for her and it's hard for me to act like I don't. She got mad on me when I said don't call anymore so I can move on. But I told her I don't know what she wants me to do. I'm trying to distant myself from her but till this day she calls and I still pick up because I care about her and I I think I still love her. Recently I've been "flirting" and she's been retuning the flirtt. We don't hang out in person because I think she scared of sex with me. But I asked if she would go on a walk with me one of these days. And she said that would be nice. Sometimes I'll text her first but Not everyday and I don't call her that much anymore but she calls me. I'm very confused about what's going on and need advice. Do you think she still has feelings for me? Do you think I should move on? Are we just friends? I don't know what to do anymore about her.


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  • You're not her priority