I like him and he likes me?

My friends said to my crush that u liked him and he happens to like me aswell. I'm having a really hard time believing him as it's been 2 weeks and it doesn't seem that he doesn't want a relationship with me. He has only ever said that he has liked me over snapchat or Facebook and acts like he doesn't know me in real life. I've liked him for a long long long time and I feel really crap when he ignores me or walks past me in the corridors or in class. My friend asked him if he still liked me and he said yes, but I'm getting all confused and sad. He never talks to me and I find it so difficult to talk to him because I feel like I'm going to say something wrong to scare him away. There's this girl who would always flirt with him and everytime I'd look his way she'd be there. And I'd get jealous but I always tell myself off because I have no right to get jealous, but they look so good together. my friend asked him if he liked her and he said no and that he likes me but I don't know... We're not in a relationship and I don't think we'll ever be because we never talk, I feel as though I'm bothering him when ever I try to and he never starts a conversation. Should I give up liking him? I've been thinking about just forgetting what he said and just pretend that I don't know because knowing that he likes me and choosing to ignore me, makes me feel like crap. And I don't want to feel crap.


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  • a guy who likes u... will definitely give u something so that u talk outside class likes phone number, email, fb etc.
    ok so u have fb,,,, if he talks to u long,,, then i think he likes u...
    and maybe he talks to other girl to make u jealous...
    listen... just be upfront to him... and ask him clearly...
    just tell him that do u wana be in relation with me or not?
    there is no point in going through so much pain...

  • That sucks, try ignoring back and see what happens.


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