The girl didn't picked up call? FAST?

I went with her on one date and after that we were texting, today she asked me about going out.

I called her, but she didn't picked up the phone. Because I wanted to talk, instead of text. Should I just message her or wait or?

I'm not nervous just what to do to now?


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  • Text her and tell her you are sorry she missed your call, she must have been busy. Ask her to give you a Call when she is free to do So... Relax, everything is fine like wine.
    Good luck. xx

    • why would I be sorry?

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    • When she'll get to my town should I have sex with her already in second date or is that too fast?

    • That may be a bit too fast but feel the situation out with her. If you really like her and respect her, it is best to wait. xxoo

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  • Just text her about the details for the date right now.

    • I won't text, I want to get call

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  • Wait for her to respond. Don't text

    • like i will never send more than 2 texts in a row that are unresponded to. and i will never text after a missed call unless i know for a fact theyre busy

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    • that's right

    • Goood :)

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  • yeah keep texting and calling her...
    so that she know that you are a CLINGY, DESPO male who is just trying to get into her panties...
    dont u dare call or text her iff u want her to be intrested in her...

    • dude I know what to do , relax

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    • *if u want her to be intrested in u
      and u dont even need to ask this on GAG,
      dude girls do this all the time, its called "test" or "hot and cold" or "hard to get"
      they do it to see ur reaction,,, how ur reacting ,,,, do u beg for her attention or not..
      this is the final test before a woman gives u her heart... so just be cool... and wait..
      she will come to u herself...

    • yep I'll just wait for her call.

      Last text from her where : previous message reply and yes do I come to [my city name] someday or your still ill?

  • you can wait i guess she can't pic up the call or she is busy in something

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