I lose interest so quickly?

Since I was about 17 I have met a few men who have caught my eye. But my interest is very brief. It seems like every time I like someone, it only lasts a few months before it feels like I just wake up one day and every feeling I had toward that person is just gone.
I don't have high standards. I don't care for expensive things. I am your typical back woods country girl who would rather have a date under the stars then some fancy dinner in a top of the line restaurant. So I don't believe I am losing interest over my standards or "bar set too high".
But I've found that even in the people that I have liked for 6+ years are slowly losing my interest. I don't get giddy while talking to them like I used to. So anyways, no matter what time length I've liked them, its going away. I just don't understand. Am I doing something wrong? Or is there something wrong with me, I should say. I can never keep myself from losing interest far too quickly.


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  • There's nothing wrong with you and it's a very normal part of dating.. and discovering what you like and don't like.

    In my opinion, being "too picky" = not giving things a chance. You've been hanging out / dating people and after a period of time you discovery "hey, this isn't for me." Which is great! If however... you're not even entertaining people you have a bit of spark with.. well that's no good.

    Eventually as you narrow down your filters / preferences.. you'll find a person that you can begin the relationship with. When/if that ends... well you'll start over with a more defined filtering system.


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