Does he want to get back together?

We split over a disagreement caused by poor communication. After about a month we've been seeing each other again and he is putting in a lot more effort and also doing a lot better about telling me how he is really feeling or what he wants to do. He also planned a whole day together for us last weekend doing something I had been saying I wanted to do for a while. Then we stayed home Saturday night made dinner together and cleaned together.

Main the past it was usually just one person cooking, we would take turns. But it was really nice to work on a meal together and see how well we were able to work together. At first I thought it would just be sex but he seems to be making a real effort. He calls or texts me every day now.

Weve re only been dating a few months and the reason we broke up was basically because he was always just letting me have my way but not telling me and on my end I didn't think he was making enough effort.


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  • It seems like he wants something, not quite sure what.


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  • Getting together Now on the same page, along with More Open lines of communication, he Is... Putting in a lot more effort.
    You both are working hard as team mates and helping one another bring something special together that could have been divided but Instead, you Both decided to give it One more try and with This.. many here, dear, could learn a lot from your story and glory.
    It takes two to tango and two to tangle and two to make a relationship Into... One.
    Good luck and keep going and flowing. xx


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  • So wait, you are saying he was always letting you have your way and YOU felt like he wasn't putting forth enough effort?

    • He didn't tell me he was letting me have my way. I was usually the one to make suggestions for plans and he would just go with it. Meanwhile I was trying to pick things we both liked.

      So on my end it felt sometimes like if I quit trying I wouldn't see him again whereas on his end he was slowly building resentment. I told him at the end of the day I really don't care what we are doing as long as we are together. And that if I really didn't want to do something I would tell him but most of the time I don't care.

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    • Because he wants to take the lead since he wants you

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