Girl say "I'll think about it" after I asked her out on a date. What to do next?

Me: 22 year old Chinese Canadian University student
Her: 21 year old Chinese Canadian University student
(We go to the same university)
We met each other since September 18th in class. She dropped that class.
However, we have been texting.

On Monday September 28th, I accidentally bumped into her on campus. We chatted for a few minutes and before we said goodbye, I asked her if she would like to go on a date with me. She was surprised and exclaimed, "Oh my God". She told me that no guy have ever asked her out before. She then told me that she and her friends were considering to participate in some sort of competition. They have not decided yet and that she will "think about it and will get back to me"
I still text her occassionally. By reading her text, I do not think that she is uncomfortable around me or that she is avoiding me.

Did I get rejected politely? Or that she is really thinking about it?

How should I follow up? When should I re-ask?

  • You got rejected
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  • You still have a chance as she is thinking about it
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  • She means yes, but she is waiting you to give her another chance
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Most Helpful Guy

  • Assume the worst and hope for the best.

    A relationship works both ways. You already took a step forward. If she's expecting you to take another step without her moving, then she's not someone worth dating in the first place.

    She's either unsure, didn't want to let you down, or isn't worth dating.
    Just assume she rejected you until she convinces you otherwise.

    • Can you explain why she is not someone worth dating? Do girls even say "yes" when a guy first ask? Is that even possible?

    • If she's expecting you to pursue her even more then it means that she doesn't think about your side of the situation.

      It means she doesn't think your original feelings are good enough. She either doesn't think of you that way and she thinks you need to convince her the rest of the way, or she thinks you aren't good enough and you need to prove yourself.

      Should you ever need to convince someone to care about you?

    • I just have a feeling that she is not entirely rejecting me but that she does not understand about the unspoken rules of dating as she told me that no guy have ever asked her out.

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What Girls Said 1

  • You need to ask her on a specific date/time/event date?

    • Whenever a guy asks a girl out on a date, the girl's mind will almost always blank out right after I say the word "date". Even if I mention about a specific date/time/event date, that information will not be absorbed in her mind. This is why I did not specify the details until she say yes.

    • No. You need to solve the question her mind is asking herself. "What does he have in mind?" Like, do you want to get coffee with me after class tomorrow? simple, to the point and all her questions are answered.

What Guys Said 5

  • Look for another girl to ask out. This one isn't going anywhere with you.

  • Voted B. You have a chance, but it is pretty slim. Don't pin all your hopes on her.

    • Any opinions about how I can follow up? Even if she is not interested, I will still need to follow up for practice.

    • Just don't have any expectations, and the ask her something like "Have you thought about it yet, or you need some more time?"

  • Most cases that usually means option A, but if you want to be the optimistic, hope for B.

  • Sounds like she's just being nice but doesn't want to go out with you. I would not get my expectations to high. I would also look at other girls to go out with...

  • 90% dhance that was her way of rejecting you 10% chance she actually meant it. I'd play it safe and just assume she rejected you and just move on. No point in humiliating yourself for nothing.