How do girls who I only see hanging around female friends end up getting a boyfriend out of the blue?

I'll see girls who always have girl friends with them get a boyfriend out of no where. And these are girls who are in the cosmetology field where it is female dominated. These are girls I use to go to high school with, and it's not just them it's other girls who I use to hang out with at my college


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  • Many chicks in cosmetology are totally into how they look. Most guys are visual and are easily turned on by this. I know a chick who just graduated from cosmetology school. She's always taking selfies... dressing in tight, revealing clothes. Yet, she's baffled why "random men" (her words) are always approaching her... Go figure!

    • My friend's ex was fat though but she is pretty

    • And he was abusive

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  • Because you are with then 24/7 and they have no possible way to meet guys? C'mon. Be real.

    • I didn't say that
      Have several seats lol

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  • That's because most, if not all girls get approached by guys! All they need to do is utter a simple 'yes', and bam! They have a boyfriend! It's that simple for girls.

    • It's really not

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    • Well If it was that easy then every girl would be in a relationship

    • I see attractive guys but I get nervous to talk to them because he may have a jealous or psycho ex or something and some guys will not tell the girl that he is taken

  • Because normal, healthy people aren't crying "RAPE!!!" every time a man talks to them in public. They go on dates with the stranger instead.

    • Really you are assuming that women who don't get dates do that

    • ... sigh...

      It's hyperbole...

  • Some girls are just lucky like that, or it comes easy to them.


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