Was this the wrong way to ask a girl out?

Each week I go to the same pet store, I've been going to the same store for years and have gotten to know the workers quite a bit and they remember me each week.

One girl was cute and the past few months on and off I tried small talk with her since she worked the cashier. I discovered we had much in common and lived so close to one another. I decided to try asking her out.

I went up to her with a smile and said you are very pretty, I was wondering if you would like to go out sometime, my treat. I also asked if she could add me on Facebook.

She told me she is flattered but she has a boyfriend, when I knew she didn't, she added me on Facebook for a day then took me off and two weeks later quit her job.

Weeks prior she seemed fine and I enjoyed talking to her and I thought we clicked, why would she act like this after? Was she creeped out asking about Facebook?


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  • She probably did that for some other personal reason. She could also possibly have anxiety, that can do that to a person :/ But it is not your fault, the way you asked is perfectly fine


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  • I would have avoided the FB request until later on, but asking her out like that was completely fine.

    • My first thought was on Facebook I can talk to her without being rushed because she's a cashier so I don't have much time to talk and I thought you add people you like. And get to know her better.

    • If you are ever in that scenario again try this, instead of the FB, ask if she would like to hangout someday over the weekend, if she agrees then quickly grab her number, not her FB. Now you have her number and can start texting her on your phones.

    • That was my second choice guess next time it will be my first, thanks for the help!

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  • Firstly, how do you know she does not have a boyfriend? I feel she actually does. And that's the reason she let you down.

    • Coworkers at the store saw me ask her and told me not to feel bad but she doesn't have a boyfriend they don't know why she said that, and the girl herself told me prior she isn't dating.

    • In that case... maybe she didn't want to make you feel you weren't good enough for her, and hence came up with the 'boyfriend' excuse. But her quitting her job and stuff... I'm pretty sure she had other reasons for it.

  • Im shure u alrdy heard that the 'surry i have a bf' is the BIGGEST and the PHATTEST lie on planet Earth