Why do white guys get mad about black guys dating white girls but not the other way around?

When a white girl dates a black guy she is called a trashy, coalburning, race traiting, n*gger loving whore (even if she's attractive and not ghetto), but when a black girl dates a white guy nobody calls her a race traiting cracker loving whore. I just find it quite funny, are all white guys this racist? It just seems like white guys dating black girls is more accepted than the other way around.


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  • White men dating black women is a rarity, that's probably why its more accepted, however don't be quick to judge because the first people to jump down our throats is black men.

    BM and WW get shit from everybody because there are so many stereotypes as to why they are even together.

    WM and BM get shit just from black men because they can't stand to see a "sistah" especially a beautiful one, date outside our race.

    • It's rarity where? It's common in UK and South Africa more common than the opposite. I am guessing you saying USA. But thing about USA is a lot black women obese there. when I do see white guy with black girl she's hallie berry hot. But white girls black guys. White girl is usually obese.

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  • LOL, what are you talking about?

    I have a scar on my back from when a knife-wielding black guy took offense that I was dating "one of his" and tried to "teach me a lesson."

    And a good friend of mine is getting married to a black guy soon. I'll be attending the wedding. He's a good man.

    So I don't know what you're going on about.


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  • I really don't know. It goes against racism in a way that the black girl isn't getting victimised!! Maybe it does happen the other way round but we don't here about it?

  • Actually, there are some black guys who will be blatantly upset if a black girl, especially a pretty/in shape black girl, is dating a white guy. I’ve heard black women frustradely express their experiences with that.


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