Why is white guy and Asian girl plus white girl with black guy so common?

Seems like this combination is just so common. Do most white guys just prefer Asian girls. Do most white girls prefer black guys over white guys. Not meant to be a troll, just wondering.


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  • According to OKC statistics, you've got it all backwards actually.


    This was a study done concerning online dating. And I don't have to tell you that not everyone fits into the same box. So maybe, just maybe, what you tend to see is actually not as common as you think.

    • Keep in mind though, that's only according to their website, from their own statistics. It doesn't factor in offline dating, or other websites.

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    • True. I think it has more to do with looks than anything.

    • @Northeast106 so out in offline dating. Do you think most white guys go for Asian girls or white girls like black guys or what?

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  • I've alwasa wondered why white guys seem to go for Asian girls a lot. It's probably some carryover from the rapings in the Vietnam and Korean War.

    Don't know about White girls and Black guys.

    • I always tbought it was because they're more 'feminine' and 'submissive'