Is this a good rejection back to my ex?

My ex has appeared back on the scene. and is chasing g me again. She brushed me off a year ago.
I rejected her I hoping it would sting a little, But not be too brutal, I am easy going myself.

" Well you should of got back in touch earlier, you left me with to much time to find better, you can wait in line now "

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  • Nothing will sting more than you ignoring her while she grovels and begs, treating her as if she’s a dead ghost trying to get the attention of the living.


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  • Is she the one who originally broke up with you?

    • Yeah she did

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    • lmao.. I hope I get the power you have... My ex just broke up with me like 3 weeks ago... she says things like "we won't get back together" or "I don't see myself getting new feelings for you" but I don't know if i should even take any of that serious

    • Dont, it's just words... just tell her if she changes her mind let you know, and what ever you do, dont chase

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  • The best response is no response

    • I always keep doors open, you never know...
      And she never really hurt my feelings

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  • They're called ex's for a reason. I would say move on unless there's big chemistry between you guys.