When your ex starts trying to initiate eye contact again? Guys?

So, we split. Ended suddenly, on bad terms in the spur of the moment in April.

Since then, he kept trying to push me away and was asking for space... which eventually led to me just cutting him out of my life completely because he was being so cold with me.

Time passed, and I ended up seeing him around when I was shopping (he works in our local superstore). We wouldn't look on each other's direction or speak to each other.

Recently, I've been in and noticed him out the corner of my eye looking at me and trying to make eye contact. Sometimes double taking or glancing my way.

I haven't looked at him yet and have blatantly continued to avoid eye contact because I'm afraid to look up at him and see how he reacts to me. Would he smile warmly? Would he stare coldly? Would he look at me with a smug expression?

I can't tell. Does this increase in eye contact mean he's trying to engage with me... on a friendly level, or because he maybe still has feelings there for me?

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  • Exs should stay ex.


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