Why do guys do things backwards when it comes to girls & Dating?

It seems now a days guys just want to fuck girls THEN are worried about liking her/ dating her. There like oh i slept with her twice time to take her out on a date! they act like its a turn on or we should be honored there offering / telling us to fuck them! im 24 and i feel like 20-28 guys only care about sleeping with girls. i mean come on 'Netflick and chill" I guess im one of those rare girls who want to date a guy for awhile THEN have sex with them after few dates/ or months. now it just seems like a requirement for guys to fuck a girl then decide wether to actually date them. I mean i guess i can't just blame guys some girls have no respect for temselves and are easy.

All guys claim there nice. But its proven to be not true! All the guys i talk to who claim there "Nice" turns oyt to be assholes, jerks, ignores you or cheats! I like tall, funny sarcastic romantic "Nice" guys who like country music. I tend to attract assholes who just want sex/ bootycalls. I dont NEED a boyfriend but i want one. I belive in fairytales and im a hopeless romantic and i feel like im gonna be single forever and be a old dog lady alone and its sad because this is the generation we live in!

Thanks! Im 24 by the way

Do any of you ladies agree with me?

Ugh do cAN/do you advoid guys like this?

i have alittle bit of trust issues and im good at knowing when somethings 'off' then when i assume that it usually when a guy turns into a Asshole/ jerk and im annoyed because i started 'liking' them or i wasted my time talking to them


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  • Overlooking the sexist generalizations you are making it probably has a lot to do with priorities. It sounds like a lot of the guys you have tried dating have “good sex” at the top of their list. They want to know that a girl they date will “put out” for them and that the sex is good before they make any commitment. On the other hand it sounds like you want a real emotional connection with a person and that sex is much lower on your list.

    Not all guys are assholes but many of us are so used to the idea of women being objectified that it has become a cultural norm. Does seeing a woman as nothing but a way to get your dick wet make you an asshole? Yes, yes it does.

    • Yupp! it really throws me of when they seem interested in me (Text every day, ask about my interest) then i get the 'Can i have a nude pic" or " come and fuck" texts its like... Really? it pisses me off so much

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    • lol true! is that ur ultimate fantasy? i fell like you prob done everything already tho

    • well hey again. I don’t know if I have an ultimate fantasy (at least not a sexual one) I just always like trying new things. What I am in the mood for changes day to day.

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  • I think we have the same exact wishes. I don't know how realistic they are but I have the same dating expectations as you.


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  • Well, the amount of girls that don't just want you for your money and feel like "it's the man's job to do this and that" is pretty low, and I'm not gonna be dating a woman that wants my money and expects me to do all the job. So until I find a girl like that, there's no other choice but live the casual life.

    Don't you think that if the relationship life was better than the casual life, more guys will choose it? I mean, what cake would you choose, the one that tastes good, or the one that tastes amazing?

    • i don't want guys for their money! why does that make me bad? or undesirable... because i won't fuck them when we have barely talked/hung out... that means i want thier 'money' or whatever?

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    • The thing is that she's way skinnier now, so it makes her look like a skeleton :S

    • Awwww poor thing! lol go ask her out again lol

  • Simple.

    Think of any deal, bargain, etc. Such as, selling something. Sellers almost always want cash down. Buyers want return policies.

    Contractors want guaranteed contracts. Lawyers want a cash deposit before they start working.

    In the old days when women were supposedly slaves, I hear, men had to put everything down first. They had to wine and dine a woman, show their committment, that they had a job, standing, money, etc. They would then propose marriage! And if she accepted, *then* she had sex.

    In this age of equality, men do not want to put much "skin in the game" without a guarantee. What if you spend two months taking a girl on dates, and she gets bored, dumps you without even having sex? You just lost all that time, money, emotion, energy.

    If you get a girl to have sex with you straight off the bat... then she's committed. She doesn't want to feel used. She mentally needs to justifiy her choice. And the guy already has something down--he might now put out money and emotion on dates, but he's already having sex. Like a lawyer who gets paid a hefty deposit before he does anything.

    • I guess... but most guys will fuck a girl THEN not call her or talk to her again... so thiers flaws in bot ways for girls

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    • omg thats such a guy answer

    • ikr? it's a guy answer... because it'd a guy answer. it's male nature.

  • You can think like that all you want. I understand. Have you tried putting yourself in the skin of a man? We often want sex. Sex is important to us. You like affection and attention. It's important to you. Just as you want to date guys to know if they are worthy of having sex with, we want to have sex with girls to know if they are worth investing time with. Why is it bad/worse? Why are we the bad guys? Can't we respect what each other wants?

    • i like sex as much as the next person. maybe as much as a man but its not my first priority in a partner for them to be good or whatever at sex! obviously i dont want them to be bad at sex but its not #1 on my list.

      plus guys want girls to fuck them in the first minute but if you do your labeled 'Easy' or a 'slut' by them and their telling thier buddies how easy you are

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    • Women wants cuddling more than men. How is it fair that they see us as cuddling machines? I use cuddling as a placeholder for all women are looking for in a man. I am not saying it's not ok to want this. But why is it that what WE want is bad but what women want is not? Why are we monsters for wanting something else than you?

    • cause cuddling benefits both people! sex is a way for men to judge women bodies and get satisfy thier dicks! not saying that women dont satifiy themselves but I've known guys once they've cummed they just stop they dont even make the women cum so yeahh

  • What's wrong with wanting sex first? Absolutely nothing. But I suppose different perspectives will generate different opinions.

    • because girls are objects you can just fuck and dump! if you want something like that i suggest (fleshlights, etc)

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    • I don't make them do anything. If they want to cool. If not also cool.

    • So how much did you pay these lines of women who want to fuck you?

  • Cool story let me get a guy who knows a lot about cool stories

  • cuz that's when males sexually peak.

  • I don't want to date girls who don't like sex.

    • Never said i didn't like sex! actually i enjoy it a lot

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    • It was fun talking with you. But in this lifetime, I am a wanderer. Maybe we will meet again in the Spirit World, but I doubt it. It was nice talking with you, my child. My purpose in this life I cannot disclose. But with my success, humans will finally discover their potential. I promised myself I would not get attached to anyone that I can't support physically on this planet. I hope you find the right men for you. Farewell.

    • Did u just get possessed by aliens or something? Cause shit just got weird lol

  • Answer this question:

    For what reasons would a man want a relationship with a woman?

    The answer to your question lies in the answer to mine.

    • cause were fucking amazing!

    • Well if you won't give any thought to the matter, don't expect things to change for you...

    • To what matter?

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  • All men are liar according to the Bible but there are a few good ones

    • Lol, where do i find those "good ones"?

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    • I have to be practical. Wish some men specific not something like prince. What type of men with what background and so on. Be specific

    • What u mean? Specific how?