Girls, Does she want to go out?

There was a girl in my class for 3 classes then dropped. I don't see her at school (college) any more so I asked her to a movie this weekend over text. She said "aww" and had to work that night but said "we could probably find another night to go". I have plans for the rest of the weekend and told her this and then she said "she had work all weekend honestly" and asked if we could just try a different weekend. I think she wants to go but not 100% sure, and just trying not to be annoying. Thanks.

I asked her today (Tuesday) if she was free Thursday and she told me that she was busy all this week because her sister is getting married this Saturday (which I knew). She said that her family comes into town Thursday so she wasn't free. Should I ask next week or give up?


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  • Text her next Thursday asking her if she is free during weekend.

    • if she is going to be free during*

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