Did I get put back into the Friend Zone?

So this girl and I are finally dating after being really good friends for about 5 years. The first week, we were all over each other. It happened to be my birthday weekend. We kissed each other, called each other babe. Well after another week it started to slow down, to the point where it was extremely noticeable. I asked her if I was smothering her, she said a little. So I pulled back a little too. Now it's like we hardly talk on the phone, and she doesn't show any affection when we see each other. At first she says she's not the affectionate type, but I have to doubt that as the first week was awesome. She keeps blaming the stress in her life as to why she tried to keep her distance from me. She said she didn't want to take it out on me. Although she considers me her boyfriend. I asked her again as to what's wrong and if there's anything I can do. She says she feels trapped and overlooked / judged by her mother (her mom is visiting and originally from AZ). But she stopped showing affection a week before her mom even got here, and doesn't even call me babe anymore. Hardly ever texts back, she'd rather be on Facebook. I even have to ask for a kiss when we first see each other for the first day.

TLDR; girlfriend stopped showing affection, blaming it on stress in her life.


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  • Maybe she doesn't like guys. Maybe she doesn't like relationships. Maybe she doesn't like you. Maybe she doesn't like herself. Maybe she doesn't like her life.

    Does it matter? It sounds like she is not The One for you. It's time to start looking for a new girlfriend.

    • /sigh, just sucks, known each other for years. Been invested for a long time, and finally got what I wanted but situation turned out to be shitty.

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