Why is he acting like this?

Im talking to a guy from highschool, had a crush on him back then so we reconnected on facebook. He has 4 kids, i have none. Im ok w his kids and i told him this multiple times. He said he's afraid of letting his kids down, and the way i took that was because he's afraid to balance me & his kids. He also works 2nd shift so the schedule would be a problem but im ok with that. Ivd reassured him of all of this. We tried hanging out 3x and each time he's had something come up, first he was sick, 2nd his kid, then he worked late. He says he wants to try, but he's afraid and he doesn't know whats wrong with him. I dont know what to do, i want to ask him to hang out this weekend but im afraid he'll bail on me again. What do i think? What should i do?


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  • He has a penis protruding from his forehead.


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  • He has too much responsibility and baggage , so much so that it's wearing down on him.
    His priority is his kids and making things right for them.
    You will be left in the dust because apparently in his business schedule he has no time for a dating life.
    He has made that clear more than once.
    It's up to you to really see that and walk away.
    He may be a great guy but his schedule doesn't permit him not even the slightest flexibility.
    I also think he's not at the time or place in his life where he even wants to establish a relationship, he just seems so unsure of himself when he responds to you.

    • *busy schedule he has no time for a dating life.

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    • Let's look at his efforts. Does it look like he's trying?
      That gives you your answer in how u should proceed

    • I don't know he says he wants to see me he can't wait, then won't hang out w me, its like he's afraid.

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  • I would say give him some space and let him come to you when he's ready. Maybe he'll realize whats important to him when he has time to process things.

    • So even tho he has no kids this weekend u think its a bad idea if i ask him to hang out?

    • Yeah. This is the perfect opportunity for him to ask you if he's really interested.