What to do if you get stood up?

So me and this guy been talking for a couple of months. We had planned to hang out together. He was going to pick me up and he were gonna chill at his place but he never showed up. Now before this all happened I texted him earlier and ask if he was still coming through and he told me yea and we had discussed what the plan is and everything. So I waited a couple of hours he then text back ask for my address, I gave it to him and he told me he was on his way. Well he never showed. So now im thinking like what the hell? He could of at least give me a heads up if he weren't gonna show up. Crazy thing about this during the months we were talking he was dying to hang out with me. I had to blow it off because it wasn't right timing. He would eveb get upset about it but then hust let it go. So now that I finally do agree to hang out he just completely stood me up. I haven't bother of texting him because I feel he doesn't deserve a reply from me. But I think I do deserve an explanation of why he stood me upm Any thoughts?

So should I text him and ask for an explanation or just leave it alone?


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  • If he has no believable and acceptable explanation just move on.


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  • he probably has a girlfriend not trying to be funny or he's standing you up being immature or maybe something did come up


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  • wow I'm sorry that this happened to you
    he's a waste of time


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