Women lose interest?

I get a lot of girls hitting on me and getting to know me but when I mention that I'm not looking for anything serious they all lose interest and stop talking to me completely. I'm not sure how to take this, does this mean that they think I'm boyfriend material but that they don't find me that attractive? I'm not sure how I should feel about this.


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  • They wouldn't be interested in dating you but not be attracted to you. These girls that lose interest when they find out you don't want anything serious, want something serious. So they move on.

    • It just confuses me because all these women who approach me start as strangers so I don't see how they think I'm boyfriend material. Not that I'm complaining but it gets confusing and it just happens so often.

    • They approach you because you're attractive.

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  • You did say you're not looking for anything serious in which could mean you just want to fuck around and so they move on and find someone else that is looking for the same thing they are

    • I'm fine having sex monogamously just not a relationship.

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  • They just think your being a player by saying that and don't want to be used, they would want a relationship and not be played

    • But how is it being a player if Im being honest and straightforward about it?

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    • Other people always seem to make getting laid seem so easy :/

    • It's never easy unless you don't mind being deceitful and lead them on just to get laid once, or you could actually try to have a girlfriend and then have sex a lot more than you are now

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