Pros and Cons of dating a single parent?

I've been in the world of online dating for a couple years (I'm 24), and have run into a few guys who are fathers. Most of them, I just ignore, but I'm not sure if it's a reasonable thing to do or not. I figured if all of you could give me your experiences, pro and con, with dating single parents, it could help me get some perspective.


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  • Pros: Nothing
    Cons: Fucking everything


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  • Pros they treat you like the other half and if their kid likes you the relationship is like sealed.

    The cons are that your never the one they truly love 100% cause their kid will always be the most important thing.

  • I dated a divorced lady of 10 years older than me... she had 1 kid..

    It was of the best experience of my life.. I spent 8 months with her..


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