What to do when you're being lead on?

Hi, so I've been seeing this guy , we met back in school but here's the thing; I feel like I'm falling for him, but he seems to be leading me on? We've made out/fooled around a bit. One morning I kind've got upset cause he invited me over than says (1 hour after I was there) he had to work, I was understanding and collected my things, he took me home and from there, things kinda went down hill.. He's been ignorning my text messages, phone calls, and avoiding me im school. What do I do? I'm so lost and confused.


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  • You stop talking to them. You are wasting too much time trying to contact him, while he clearly doesn't give a shit. Erase him. It's not worth it.

    • And if its not that simple to me?

    • You should turn your heart into a stone. It's the only way.