He won't text me but he'll like my posts?

This guy and I really hit it off. Like both of us felt like we were perfect for each other. I made sure to tell him immediately that I smoked and was trying to quit and he said he was willing to deal with it because he liked me a lot. Then something I said made him think I slept around. So these two things made him say he wasn't sure if he wanted to see me anymore. I made sure to explain to him that I didn't sleep around and now he's saying he needs to think. That was two days ago and since then he's constantly checking out my snap stories and liking my Instagram posts. Is this any indication he's still interested? Should I wait to hear from him or try to text him?


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  • Yeah, this mean that he is still interested. Do not mistaken what I said as he is in love with you. He is still examining your character and personality. Make sure that you do not blow your chance as there is a high risk that he will leave you.

    Yes, I do recommend you to text him.

    • But if I text him when I said I'd give him time wouldn't this turn him off?

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    • "What you said" as in sleeping around? or as in looking at your snapchat?

    • When I was telling him I don't sleep around and trying to convince him to give me another chance. I'm pretty sure I screwed it up

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  • He is trying to get your attention. He is probably expecting you to talk to him first. Why don't you try texting him?

    • I ended up texting him and we went back and forth for a little bit and then I asked him "did you think about what I said" and he never responded but he's still looking at every snapstory I post

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