Does he like me... and should I go for it?

I really like one of my guy friends, who I've been acquaintances with for a few years. At a party at the beginning of freshman year (college), he flirted with me for a little bit, but I had my eyes on someone else back then and kind of brushed him off. He hasn't shown any interest since.. but now I've really gotten to know him and think I really like him.
Recently I've been making an effort to be extra friendly with him, and today he did a few cute things that made me think he might still be interested. We ate lunch together for the first time in awhile (not alone - with a group), and he made sure to sit next to me, then offered to bring my plate up with him when we were leaving. Also, there was a little give-away outside the dining hall and I mentioned I wanted to win one of the prizes. He had won the same prize earlier and without hesitation gave it to me. I teased that he was being really nice to me today and he just smiled and looked me in the eyes.

Does this mean anything? I feel like we could be really good together but I've never had a serious relationship so I have no idea if/how to even make a move. Thoughts?


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  • Based on the things you shared, it seems to me like he likes you. Maybe you should make the first step and ask him to hang out with you. I am almost certain that he will reply in a positive way.

    • Thank you. I hope it all went well.

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  • Go for it. I'm sure he's interested. I wouldn't go out of my way to give a woman something if I didn't like her in some way.


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