Am I going to have to wait until late 20's or even 30's to date now? (please only girls 16-early 20's)?

I just turned 18 and right before my birthday I was diagnosed with a scalp confined alopecia, bascially my body is rejecting my hair on my head, and I had to shave whats left to avoid looking old, to me personally it was just hair but I really worry what girls my age will think, see I really wanted to be married in my 20's and I have high sandards, don't get me wrong personality matter and is needed but I won't date below what I find to be at least a 7 as far as looks and well... yeah I'm bald already, so I'm just very worried because I see so many girls say "when I'm older I won't care" and I dont want to miss out on dating in my early 20's. So girls be honest... is a bald head enough of a turn off to most that with my standards combined I'll have to wait? Or can I still be attractive bald to girls this young? I do have a good face for it and a lot of people compliment my eyes so I pull it off good for a skinny white guy haha, but still be honest if you think I still have a good shot with my standards intact this young great, if not then well at least your honest..

  • I'd say most girls this young would not be open to dating a guy who is bald already
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  • I think you'll be fine and are worrying too much, a guy can be attractive witout hair this young and you won't have to wait or change standards etc
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Why the hell did a guy vote? Just do results of your a dude I'm not gay so I don't really care about that opinion of no hair
wow, looks like a lot of girls are just as 'shallow' as guys, huh, well I still will hold my standards I guess, I may have no hair but I still deserve and 8-9 type girl with how well I treat them, looks like I may not receive it they think, but I'd rather die alone than settle or wait... just sucks I can't help my hair, yet all these girls talk about guys fat shaming when a treadmill exists


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  • tbh sometimes men look better when they're bald.


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  • Is the side or on top of the head and is huge hole of no hair. Just trying to help

  • Dude, there are enough women out there who would be open to bald dudes that you can totally find a girl. Some women like that look and some men who have all their hair shave completely bald because it suits them.

    Go out and talk to girls with confidence. The women who don't like it will turn you down , but the girls who do like it won't. You won't know until you ask.

    • no offense, but you are a lot older than me, keep in mind I'm not even 20, and the girls are stilll around my age here, I'd prefer to not have to wait until your age to date, hell I want to be married by your age (again don't take this as bad, I appreciate the comment but you get my point)