What's the difference between shy and uninterested?

how do i know?
i have to initiate all the conversations but when i do he's really friendly and sweet and attentive
i end up asking all the questions but he doesn't take his eyes off me at all during the conversation
i know he's usually shy/doesnt randomly pick up girls... but i can't tell if he's un interested and polite only or shy


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  • if you are attractive to him then yes he likes you

    • i know he does... but he may possibly have a girlfriend im not sure... but he's still acting as i described so idk?

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    • well I don't know if he has a girlfriend just ask him , if you see him texting just say is it your girlfriend , if he is truly as shy as you are saying it will go one of two ways : 1- " no this is just a friend " in that case ask him so no gf?
      2- he will get a bit comfortable and won't say a thing might even smile or try to laugh it off in that case just say " so it was your girlfriend after all " ... its easy to know if you truly speak to him as much as you do its not going to be hard to do this.

    • the problem with being shy is that you miss opportunities , trust me i used to be like that... not cool i missed many opportunities and i regret that so now if i have the slightest chance that a girl is interested i will try to talk to her more to figure out , lets hope her gets the point and has no girlfriend it might take him a while...

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