Girls, have you licked a guys ass?

My friend says she doesn't mind licking her friend with benefits ass when they have sex. I think its gross probably because i haven't got my ass licked before.

My question is. Have you done it to a guy? And did you like it? Would you do it again?

If you haven't done it. Are you willing to try it?

  • yes, i have done it.
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  • no, i have never done it
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  • haven't done it but im willing to do it
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  • no, i would never do it. that is nasty and gross.
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  • Yeah, I have.

    Being very aroused can lower your inhibitions. Things that seem gross when you're unaroused can seem really sexy when you're super turned on. :P

    • But thats mostly for women no? At least thats what i thought

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    • Couldnt agree with you more! But, why wouldn't they be comfortable admitting it? Is it cause only gay guys do it and maybe guys and/or women might think he is gay? Cause women lots of women admit it and its ok. But, guys never do. You know what i mean?

      Do you mind if i ask you if you would do that to a guy or have done it already?

    • Yeah, I think fear of being seen as gay is a big part of it.

      Yes, I have done anal play with men.

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  • I haven't done it but I wouldn't mind doing it if he was interested.

  • I don't think I could ever do that. I don't want hepatitis.