Been With my boyfriend for 2 months, Crazy X appeared and put a strain on us?

My boyfriend is older than me and has 2 kids. Recently his X the mother of his children found out he has a girlfriend. He willing gave her my number to her and she harrased me all day yesterday. My boyfriend told me not to respond to her but its his fault he gave her my info. And due to school I was even more stressed out than usual so when he called me last night I personally didn't want his X in my life right now so I told him due to the harrasement I was ready to get the law invovled. Then after we spoke on the phone I knew I had a mandatory staff meeting the next day (we talk everyday at a certain time) so I told him I will figure it out and call him. I tried calling him in the morning the next day twice it was ignored, I then called him twice at night ignored again. As a last resort I sent him a text asking "Hey haven't heard from you all day everything okie? What is your advice on this matter?


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  • I think that you are doing the right thing, just know, that communication is key. Make sure to let your boyfriend know how you feel, and such related manner. And just a tip, do not, try to remove his ex completely, the reason being, crazy and all, she's still the mother of his kids, and she needs to be present for her children.

    • Thank you for your advice but we ended up breaking up. In the end he ignored me for five days and I tried texting and calling once a day he refused to respond so I sent a very lengthy email with details. Basically he ghosted me which is annoying cause he embedded himself into my life its very hard for me right now.

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