Is this a first date red flag?

I went out on a first date during the week, great fun... The lady was amazing, and very open, also only 20
She mentioned during the date.
Her best friend was male, they had hooked up during the year, but it didn't work out.. He had slept over the previous week, He was a player and had 6 girls on the go. She also probably mentioned him 2 other times on the date...
I just get the feeling there might be more to it all than she says, and I have the chance to keep a lot of drama out of my life by just walking away.
I would love anyones advice/opinions?


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  • sorry to tell you this but yea that's a red flag


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  • The fact that she brought him up several times indicates to me she has some deeper feelings for him. I'd give a pass on this one.

    • That's what I am thinking too... Great minds think alike

  • Keep it lite and semi sweet, don't wear your heart on your sleeve, she Could... Leave.
    You are right in assuming there could be More in store with them, and with this being said, perhaps it might be best to keep her as a friend to hang out With... It sounds like this player she knows, is in First place, regardless of any other face.
    Good luck. xx

    • Woohoo !! A Paris poem :) haha
      I don't feel he is a threat, Though I am old enough and have seen with my own eyes what normally eventually happens with " the guy that is always around "

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    • I thought I would let you know Paris, that I just swallowed my male ego lol, and chose to walk away for the moment

    • Great, sweetie, and good choice. xxoo

  • She told you that a slut guy was sleeping with her just last week. Why would she say that? She sounds classy herself I would be reconsidering

    • No her best friend ( slut guy ) slept over at hers... didn't indicate that anything happened at all, nor do I think it did.
      But he definitely couldn't be a good influence, Just thinking birds of a feather stick together possibly...

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    • I like her, definitely want to see her again, I am just nervous about putting myself out there, I am trying to keep the drama in my life to a minimum atm

    • That's understandable. I would give it one more date and see. If she continues going on about that guy maybe go along with it and ask a few questions about him and get an idea about their relationship. It will give you better understanding

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  • Oh man I am sorry but I think thats a huge red flag. He's going to constantly try his luck with her. And if she gave into him once then maybe shell do it again? I can't say for sure because I don't know what kind of person she is. Maybe she did it because she was single and lonely? The risk is definitely there. But then again there are risks in every relationship. I think you should still give her a chance and see if you can trust her.
    Good luck!

    • See, that's what's in the back of my mind... If he's floating around, Maybe they have a few drinks together, familiar territory...
      And he will always be around

    • What if she ends up being decent? She might be faithful once in a relationship. Thats why I think you should give her a chance and study her in the following days. In all honesty you'll get nowhere without putting yourself out there and if you do get hurt then at least you tried. Get back up, dust yourself, and find a new lady.

    • 👍👍 thanks bro

  • Yea she isn't over him and is hoping dating will help her forget about him but all it will do is cause her to think about him nonstop while with you. If you are that way inclined get in her pants and leave but if not just don't see her again.

    • Kind of leaning with the same thought process mate