Girls, Girls from 16-early 20's, can a guy with no hair on his head from a condition still be considered physically attractive to you?

I asked this a couple days ago but it appears the question got taken down because they thought I was a dude, I was even messaged by someone saying there were guys who ask it all the time, no I'm not a boy, my brother who's just freaking 19 lost his hair from a recent issue and it's seriously killing him right now, believe me or not Gag I don't give a damn.

Since then I've been asking on a lot of sites if girls could still like a guy without hair because I can see why it's bugging him in a day ruled by beiber cuts, anyway he is worried he'll have to wait a long ti to date now, he does have high standards and wouldn't date below say a 7 on the looks scale, so girls can a guy who has to have a completely bald head be attractive to you physically otherwise? Could you date him?

don't worry I'm not here to ask a ton like people thought before, I'm just surprised one of my first questions got taken down for something I didn't even know about, great system gag

  • Yes I could still be attracted to and date a bald guy this young
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  • No this young hair is a must sorry
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  • High standards and no hair? Good luck?
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  • I saw the exact same question being asked by a guy like 2 days ago, are you sure you're a woman?

    • Last time I checked there was no appendage between my legs, I heard from about this site from my brother so who knows it could very well be him, I don't get the fucking guy people are throwing because someone asks a question about an issue they face. Believe me? Don't believe me? Don't really give a damn, I feel bad for the kid having to be bald at 20, how people expect him to settle despite how well he takes care of himself. I made an account just to see what other girls thought, so don't worry I'll leave behind this little site and your precious little community that doesn't like the same question (yet when I see a hundred questions about 'does this guy like me's' etc I start to see hypocrisy.

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